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Frequently Asked Questions

StudentsCatalyst is a network of highly-motivated college students (can be but not limited to high-achievers, entrepreneurs, and initiators) across the regions of Jakarta, Bandung, and East Java, dedicated for these students to inspire each other and share their break-the-limit experiences. It is meant to be a community where such students can freely develop themselves beyond what the campus environment offers and make continuous, positive impact. In the collaborative culture we cultivate, you will meet highly driven people with ambitious aspirations and in everything you do ask yourselves, “Can we go beyond the status quo?”

The birth of StudentsCatalyst was driven by the belief that there are no limits for a student to do more, achieve more, and contribute more. Often, we see students who would settle for less because of the reality that the campus life offers that does not fully cater to the big dreams of a student. With that in mind, SC is here to facilitate students, allowing them to inspire each other and network such that they can go beyond.

StudentsCatalyst operates as an incubator for ambitious individuals, offering forums, peer mentoring, workshops.

For one semester, you will attend 4 internal forums and a collaboration day that are meant to sculpt you into future leaders and prepare you for your future, revolving around inspirational talks, the design thinking process to maximize your ability in project planning, personal branding, etc, while the collaboration day invites other student organizations that will maximize our collaborative environment; you will definitely learn much, much more. While 4 forums may sound too little, the inspiration and networks you’ll get lasts for eternity.

Our peers/mentor will be selected based on their achievements and dedication to mentor each student group to become the best version of themselves. An intimate relationship is the key that we believe for someone to grow exponentially.

A student is a highly-motivated college student who will be the audience of inspirational talks and be the participant of workshops. Each student will be assigned to a peer as their mentor throughout the chapter.

On the other hand, a peer is an experienced student (high achiever, initiator, or entrepreneur) with proven track records. A peer will not only accompany and guide students during the forum, but also serve as a personal mentor for the students to help their self-development process.

Visit our website, click “Join as student”, fill in the form and follow ALL instructions to post on your Instagram feed, and submit your CV. It’s that simple!

Fear less. Don’t let your fears betray you and prevent you from achieving what’s best. While it is mandatory for you to write your essay in English, we believe that language barriers shouldn’t be what’s stopping you from applying and going beyond. Concerned that you’re not as high-achieving? We’ll be honest. We’re here to help guide you achieve that. We simply need your dedication, commitment, and proof that you are capable of following through the program. So what are you waiting for? Go apply! Good luck.

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