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StudentsCatalyst is a city-based student-led initiative as incubator aimed to empower students to be high achievers, entrepreneurs, and initiators. We connect highly-motivated college students to share their break the-limit experience with others, and inspire each other.

Our main goal is to help college students, especially for the first to third year students, to shape their path and plan throughout college years as well as encourage them to achieve more, do more, and contribute more. This is really important because we as students need to be prepared before we are going to compete in the competitive labor market.

" We believe there is no such thing as limits for a student to do more, achieve more, and contribute more"

Our Story

Since 2015

In a highly demanding and disruptive workforce, labor market competitiveness perpetually increases. Therefore, there are students who have successfully prepared to be key to this problem who we call later on as High Achievers, Entrepreneurs, or Initiators.


Thus, on December 16th 2015, five motivated senior students of the community decided to establish and develop an official organization named StudentsCatalyst. They believe this community will grow bigger, become more impactful, and be the leading platform to gather and connect high achievers, entrepreneurs, and initiators to inspire and empower each other, and further collaborate to create something that is impactful to the nation.

Inside Us

People of StudentsCatalyst


Students will be recruited every 6 months. Usually our students are first to third year students, considering their passion, motivation, and experiences. Our students are classified as high achiever, entrepreneur, and initiator.


To support our programs, we have students, fresh graduates, or alumni as our peers. They are people who have proven achievements in competitions, businesses, or NGOs. It’s a two way peers so students and peers can learn from each other.


We design and execute the programs for StudentsCatalyst. Management Team will help organisation keeps growing, expanding, and bringing innovation to make this organisation more impactful. 

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