Starting Initiatives: Why & How Should We Do?

First StudentsCatalyst Webinar Summary: How To Start Initiatives by Fridericiana Marie, Founder of Maiimi Foundation and Phoebe Carolyn, CEO of TriHitaKarana

Fridericiana Marie and Phoebe Carolyn are both young initiators with their own unique way in starting their own initiatives: a synergy between social movement and business that also creates great impact to society. Here are several ways on how we can start our initiatives.

First, find your reasoning.

Different people have different reasons and drivers.

Marie started with the realization that she is a student. As a student, we are being prepared to face the real-life world and hoping to come out as the best version of ourselves to win our dream career path. And in order to become outstanding, it starts with initiative. It doesn’t always mean to create a big movement, but to start with little things; becoming proactive in a team and doing our tasks by taking extra miles. To strengthen the “why”, we discover ourselves to understand our interest by applying the Golden Circle ‘twisted’: Why (Your Purposes) – How (Process Involved) – What (Expected Result).

Phoebe   has   a   different  approach,  in which her initiative rooted from the philosophy that drives us to set our intentions right. She believes that if we do good, good will come back to you. Since 2017, she and her friend, Karin,  created Tri Hita Karana (THK), a silver jewelleries store. Both Phoebe and Karin stemmed from the belief for sustainability and use the meaning of Tri Hita Karana, or Three Sources of Happiness—God, People, and Nature—as their core business value. The values are represented in their business activities, in which every purchase is dedicated to help the traditional silversmiths have a better and improved welfare.

Second, plan the ‘how’.

Marie and Phoebe both agree that we need to plan and map your resources and workload.

Marie divided her How into four steps: Planning, Starting, Maintaining, and Evaluating. Planning involves building a minimum viable team, and a giving space for mentors and advisors to measure progress resulted. Also, it’s important to create an organization culture to glue your team in the desired environment. Starting begins by mapping out resources. It’s about understanding what we have versus what we need. Complete the existing resources with other external sources you can get. Learn from others to execute your plan by benchmarking from existing programs, test your ideas on the market, and improve. Marie also stated that maintaining what we have started is far more challenging than the process of starting itself.

Therefore, it’s important to use Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Objective Key Result (OKR) to keep our initiatives on track. Evaluation from mentors and advisors is important to accelerate your growth. Take advice but always align it with your core values. Last, she reminded us that whatever your initiativ, don’t forget that it should be impactful, inspiring, and a never ending process.

For Phoebe, finding a good partner is also important. She stressed that there’s no such thing as a perfect partner, but there is the compatible one to help in the process of completing each other’s capabilities.

Third, be brave.

Starting our initiative means that we have to be fearless and do whatever we feel we need to do. We shouldn’t give place to the fear of failure, rejection or degrading judgements.

Starting our initiative might not be easy, but we can learn a lot from what Marie has done with Maiimi Foundation and Phoebe with THK. It’s about having the right reason, structured process and a burning spirit.

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