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Members will be recruited every 6 months. Our target is 1st to 3rd year students, considering their passion, motivation, and experiences. StudentsCatalyst is ready to help you to develop and grow your network! Join us to meet with other highly motivated students and peers!

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To support one of our program, we need more students to join us as peers. They are students who have proven achievements on competitions, businesses, or NGOs, so they have stories to be share. It’s a two-way peers, so they can learn from each other. This is recommended for final year students.

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StudentsCatalyst needs driven and capable individuals to be part of the Board of Directors. We manage and design the programs and strategy for StudentsCatalyst. BoD will help organization keeps growing, expanding, and bringing innovation to make this organization more impactful.

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About Us

“We Believe that There is No Such Thing as Limit for College Students to Do More, Achieve More, and Contribute More”

StudentsCatalyst is a student-led initiative that provide incubator for top performer individual to gather, share, and inspire each other.

StudentsCatalyst will be the platform for all highly-motivated college students to connect and share their break-the-limit experience with others. Our main goal is to help college students – especially first to third year, to shape their path and plan throughout college years as well as encourage them to achieve more. This is really important because we as students need to be prepared before we are going to compete in the competitive labour market.


We encourage you to develop yourself and be a leader, entrepreneur, and initiator! We provide three kinds of membership which are students, peers, and board of director.

Internal Forum

Inspirational talk and workshop series from inspirational students and professionals. Internal Forum series is opened for member of StudentsCatalyst.

External Forum

We also want to share our knowledge and inspirational talk to public in the external forum. Keep update to our social media!

On Demand Talk

Sharing session from high quality individuals through an informal session. Join us to go network and get inspiration.

Peer Coaching

Private mentorship and sharing with the peers. Peers will guide you to scale up your soft skills and hard skills. You can share each other with them.


We highly valued our students by arranging a graduation day at the end of the chapter and awarding time.

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